The primary sites of the malignant neoplasms are classified according to the 10th revision of the International Statistical
Classification of Diseases (ICD 10, WHO, 1992).

Annual reports from 1953 to 1997 were based on the old ICD-7 classification.
Therefore, the numbers and dates published in them are no longer comparable with the figures published in the current website tables.
For trend analysis, one should only use figures from the Finnish Cancer Registry website statistics
or those published in the most recent printed version of the Annual Report.
As the website figures may be updated several times per year, the recommended reference includes the update date:
Finnish Cancer Registry, Cancer Statistics at updated on Day Month Year
 - e.g. 21 Nov 2014.

Comments on individual primary sites:
The numbers of cases in parentheses below refer to the calender year 2014.

Primary site (ICD-10 code)

Rectum (C19-21) includes malignant tumours of the rectosigmoid (81 cases in
          males, 58 cases in females) and anus (18 cases in males, 44 cases in females).
Ovary (C56) includes tumours of the fallopian tubes (50 cases). Borderline tumours
          (D39.1, 191 cases) are reported separately.
Kidney (C64) includes malignant tumours of the renal pelvis (no cases in males,
          615 cases in females).
Bladder, ureter, urethra (C66-68) includes malignant tumours of the ureter (14 cases 
          in males, 14 cases in females) and urethra (8 cases in males, 5 cases in females).
Central nervous system (C70-72) includes intracranial and intraspinal benign tumours (D32-33) and tumours of
          Uncertain malignancy (D42-43). Acoustic neurinomas, intradural schwannomas and
          spinal meningiomas are included ince 1979. Benign tumours of the hypophysis are excluded.
Other endocrine glands (C37/74-75) includes malignant tumour of the thymus.
Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (C82-85/96) includes all non-Hodgkin lymphomas independent
          of site of origin. In the past, non-Hodgkin lymphomas in other primary sites than in
          lymph nodes were coded into the primary site of origin. The distribution of
          non-Hodgkin lymphomas by sites of origin is given in a separate table.

Metastatic tumours with unknown or unspecified primary site are included in C76,C80.

Explanation of the symbols used in the tables:
   - Magnitude nil
   0 Magnitude less than half of the unit employed